Report on a School Fun-Fair

Report on a School Fun-Fair

Essay writing tips 5:

“Write a report on a fun-fair that was held in your school recently. This report is to appear in the school magazine, so it has to be interesting.”

On 18th July, the school held a fun-fair on a small scale. The sole purpose of the fair was to raise funds for the poor.

The day dawned bright and clear for the fun-fair. The visitors started streaming in as early as eight in the morning. After a brief opening ceremony and a speech by the principal, Mr. Bruce, the visitors flocked to the classrooms.

These had been converted into all kinds of stalls. They were managed by the students themselves. The visitors had to use coupons to take part in the amusing and entertaining games at the stalls. These coupons were sold at the gates of the school and also at the stalls.

Attractive prizes awaited the winners of each game. Excited children and teenagers, who formed the bulk of the customers, had a roaring time trying to win as many of the prizes as possible.

The food-stalls did good business, too. There was an endless queue at the counters. The people bought the food as quickly as it was prepared.

Music for the fair was provided by the request-stall. For a small fee, the small played the songs requested by the visitors. It was kept busy throughout the day.

It was late evening before the crowd slowly trickled home. All in all, the fair was a great success. The amount of money collected was far beyond the expectations of the school.

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