The Foreign Country I Would Like to Visit

The Foreign Country I Would Like to Visit

Question 12 – Descriptive:

“Give a description of a foreign country that you would like to visit.”

Japan is the foreign country that I would like to visit. Everything that  I have read or heard about it fascinates me.

This country first attracts me with its spectacular beauty. Its breath taking landscape is world-famous and its food sounds as exotic as its friendly and courteous, kimono-clad people.

Japan astounds me with its countless ancient traditions. Yet, it is also one of the most advanced countries in the world. I have been told that Japan is a unique mixture of both the old and the new. It has a rich culture, modern technology, tiny rural villages and huge bustling cities, all side by side. This is something I must see for myself.

The people, in spite of being highly influenced by the West, have retained their ancient social graces and cultural activities. They still have their traditional tea ceremonies, their exquisite “ikebana” and “bonsai”, to mention a few. I would love to see the Japanese at these various arts.

Besides all this, Japan has excellent transport and accommodation facilities for its tourists.

It is with such charming qualities that distant Japan constantly lures me.

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